Review: Abhi//Dijon EP

From Ellicott City, Maryland comes some of the finest Alternative/R&B music we’ve heard here at IndigoVibes. Slow grooving music is the item here on the Abhi//Dijon EP, which is of course abhi//dijon‘s most popular quality. Despite that, is it worth the free download?

abhi//dijon – Abhi//Dijon EP

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Midweek Madness: Hilary Swank – Joey Bada$$

This is a throwback and a half. A few months over a year ago, the mixtape Summer Knights was released by Joey Bada$$. Hilary Swank is one of the best tracks to be featured. The 90’s hip-hop is felt, much like 1999 (which was his earlier offering). So sit back, enjoy the lyrics and you know, vibe with something.

Stay Vibin’

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We have a Twitter!

We slid the vibe onto Twitter. Follow us @Indigovibin.


Guess we’re movin’ on up in the world. Excuse the pun.

Stay Vibin’

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Sunday Spotlight: Mr. Carmack

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Aaron Carmack – better known as the hit producer Mr. Carmack produces constant hip-hop/R&B/Alternative/Slow Vibes/Straight thuggin beats, so he just had to be the focus of today’s Sunday Spotlight. But enough words, simply press play the tracks below:


But waaaait! Not only does Mr. Carmack create some  has so much talent that he’s occasionally bettered original songs. Enter stage left: Awe’s Jurassic Remix.

Bet you thought that last one was a good jam. Now hear the original. It’s not bad, but it just doesn’t have the vibe of Mr. Carmack’s version. Now that had rhythm, soul, blues and badass-ery in one. So it’s only fair if we end on a straight banger to show you how amazing Mr. Carmack truly is.

Stay Vibin’

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Saturday Session: Where I wanna be – Donell Jones

Before you say anything, i know Donell Jones isnt an indie artist or even relevant anymore but still, its Donell Jones. He’s blessed us with so many slow jams, that its hard to count; and for some reason i just cant seem to get this song out of my head, so it must be a sign right? Well even if it isn’t, im still posting this anyway. Where I Wanna Be is one of my favourites by Jones, although i find the subject manner to be kind of immature, i cant help but play it atleast twice a day. So in the words of Donell Jones himself, those words being “Sweet little dee-do-dee dee”, scroll down below and take a listen.



~That random scat gets me everytime

Anyways guys, keep updated and stay vibin’

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