Midweek Madness: Hilary Swank – Joey Bada$$

This is a throwback and a half. A few months over a year ago, the mixtape Summer Knights was released by Joey Bada$$. Hilary Swank is one of the best tracks to be featured. The 90’s hip-hop is felt, much like 1999 (which was his earlier offering). So sit back, enjoy the lyrics and you know, vibe with something.

Stay Vibin’

Sunday Spotlight: Mr. Carmack

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Aaron Carmack – better known as the hit producer Mr. Carmack produces constant hip-hop/R&B/Alternative/Slow Vibes/Straight thuggin beats, so he just had to be the focus of today’s Sunday Spotlight. But enough words, simply press play the tracks below:


But waaaait! Not only does Mr. Carmack create some  has so much talent that he’s occasionally bettered original songs. Enter stage left: Awe’s Jurassic Remix.

Bet you thought that last one was a good jam. Now hear the original. It’s not bad, but it just doesn’t have the vibe of Mr. Carmack’s version. Now that had rhythm, soul, blues and badass-ery in one. So it’s only fair if we end on a straight banger to show you how amazing Mr. Carmack truly is.

Stay Vibin’

Saturday Session: Where I wanna be – Donell Jones

Before you say anything, i know Donell Jones isnt an indie artist or even relevant anymore but still, its Donell Jones. He’s blessed us with so many slow jams, that its hard to count; and for some reason i just cant seem to get this song out of my head, so it must be a sign right? Well even if it isn’t, im still posting this anyway. Where I Wanna Be is one of my favourites by Jones, although i find the subject manner to be kind of immature, i cant help but play it atleast twice a day. So in the words of Donell Jones himself, those words being “Sweet little dee-do-dee dee”, scroll down below and take a listen.



~That random scat gets me everytime

Anyways guys, keep updated and stay vibin’

Midweek Madness: Berlin – Ry X

If you’ve read our former posts you’d realise out of the music nuts in the crew, I’m more the rap enthusiast, which is true. Today however, I feel to switch it up and give you something completely different. This weeks Midweek Madness is Berlin by Ry x. The songs unique sound is what initially drew me into it, added with Ry X’s awesomely different vocal style. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, when this song comes on I can’t help but get sucked into it. So take some time out your busy schedule and take a listen below.

~ I also recommend Howling by Ry X

As usual guys, keep updated and stay vibin’